Alrighty, it’s on for Saturday! Weather looks good, there shouldn’t be any issues at the Gwach, so after more than a month off, we’re going for it.

We have three games the next two weeks, so we’ll go ahead with family day this weekend. I have to get all this food, drinks, and beer out of my place. There will be a few hundred bucks worth of brats and dogs, sodas, and beer until it runs out. Hopefully someone can bring a grill and guys can take turns cooking while we’re playing. Food will start around noon.

Next week is the season Bar Crawl. I will post the schedule next week, but it will probably start ag Phillies at 6 pm, and be an 75 minutes at each other bar. I know this time has been hard for everyone. People have been told not to go certain places, employers are making unreasonable conditions, and Itaewon is a zombie war zone. Itaewon, and all our sponsors are going through a tough time these days. The bars and streets are empty. The stigma of the area is out of control, and it’s probably the safest place in the city these days. There’s more people at your local coffee shop on a Wednesday afternoon, then any business on the weekend. Don’t be scared to come out. I hope teams can get people together this weekend and have a team party, and show up next weekend for the bar crawl. If we don’t start supporting our sponsors, some of them won’t be here much longer.

Here’s the final regular season schedule for the next two weeks.

6/20 Family Day

  • 8 am: Phillies (gear) v. Shenanigans U-BOC
  • 11 am: Shenanigans v. BOC U-66
  • 2 pm: Wolfhound (gear) v. 66 U-Shenanigans

6/27 Bar Crawl

  • 8 am: Wolfhound (gear) v. Phillies U-Shenanigans
  • 11 am: Shenanigans v. Wolfhound U-Phillies
  • 2 pm: 66 v. BOC U-Wolf