So yeah, the SBL now has an official website. Welcome!

Why you ask? Well because it is the 21st century and the SBL deserves one. This site is intended as a place to find all the important SBL information for players, fans and newcomers. Sure, we have the SBL facebook page with this info and more. But there the ‘more’ sometimes drowns out the key information. So let me bundle and sort it here for your convenience.

But that is only the beginning. The SBL has nearly 10 years of history and this website will preserve its best moments. Now you can already find an archive of the banquet videos and The Gwach podcasts. Both are still incomplete (for now), but you get the point. Still to be added are: links to players stats of previous seasons, SBL hall of fame, team photos of all teams, lists of all award winners and records of SBL in other media. It is work in progress.

And it doesn’t have to end there. In the future we can keep player stats on this site along with player profiles. New players could sign up through the site. We can add a page for donations to an injury fund or to keep The Gwach in the air. And how about an official SBL fanshop?

I hope you will enjoy and support this site. Please send me your team photos and links to related Youtube videos (no porn please). And I would love to post your game reports (both word en pictures are welcome) for future games. Just email me at