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SBL Official Rules

Updated 2.14.2020

  1. Disclaimer: The Official Rules of Baseball shall apply except as otherwise provided in these rules.
  2. Minimum # of players: A team must field a minimum of 8 players to play a game.
  3. Length of games: All games shall be scheduled for 7 innings. No new inning shall start after 2 hours and fifteen minutes. A new inning starts when the third out of the previous inning is recorded. An inning must be completed if the home team is losing. The umpire shall announce the time of the first pitch to both teams and he shall use his watch/phone to determine the time for the last inning. The umpires shall not allow delaying tactics and the umpire’s decision is final.
  4. Complete game: A complete game is 3 1/2 innings providing the home team is leading at that time. Otherwise 4 complete innings shall constitute a complete game. If 4 innings have not been completed when the game is called and the score is tied, the game will be suspended and resumed at a mutually agreed upon later date. If the score is not tied at the time the game is called, the game will be cancelled and rescheduled for a mutually agreed upon later date.
  5. Mercy Rule: A mercy rule of 12 runs after 4 innings will be in effect. If Home team is leading by 12 runs after 3.5 innings or 10 runs after 4.5 innings, the game will be stopped or if the Visiting team is leading by 12 runs after 4 innings or 10 runs after 5 innings, the game will be stopped.
  6. Ties: If a game is tied after 7 innings or at the expiration of the time limit, one extra inning will be played. At the beginning of each half of the extra inning, a runner will be placed on second base (the final out from the previous inning). If the game is still tied after one extra inning, the game is recorded as a tie.
  7. Batting line-ups: Teams must bat a minimum of 10 players in the batting order (when ten or more players are in attendance) for both playoffs and regular season. If a team has a player show up late and only has 9 (or less) players in the batting order, then they must add him to the bottom of the order or he does not play in the game currently in progress. Once a player is removed from the batting order, he is out of the batting order for the rest of the game. The number of players in the batting order must remain constant for the entire game (with the exception of players showing up late and needing to be added to the order to reach 10 players). If a team only has 9 available players, the opposing team may choose to bat 9 players as well.
  8. Defensive Substitutions: Teams may freely substitute players at any defensive position.
  9. Pinch Runners: A pinch runner may be used at any point during the game. A pinch runner that is running in the place of a player who will remain in the batting order is not permitted to steal. A pinch runner that is replacing a player who will be taken out of the batting order is permitted to steal. The offensive team must notify the defensive team and the umpire which type of pinch runner they are using when the substitution is made. The pinch runner must be the last recorded out – with no exceptions.
  10. Contact Rule: Runners are instructed to slide or attempt to avoid making contact with a fielder. A player who maliciously runs into another player is to be declared out (unless he/she has scored prior to committing the infraction) and is to be automatically ejected (whether or not declared out).
  11. Replacement players: If a team has less than nine players able to play in any given game, they are permitted to use a player from another SBL team to fill the hole in their line-up. The opposing team’s captain must approve any ‘replacement player’ to avoid teams choosing top level players that could greatly affect the outcome of the game. A replacement player must bat last in the batting order and play right field. If a second replacement player is used (permitted as long as the team has 7 of their own players) the replacement players will fill the last two spots in the batting order and play LF and RF.
  12. Pre-game warm-ups: For the 9:00 game, the home team’s pre-game fielding practice must be completed 15 minutes prior to the scheduled game time (8:45am); while the visiting team’s fielding practice will be for the next 10 minutes. This will allow 5 minutes for consultation between umpires and team captains for both teams. For the 11:30 and 2:00 games, the home team will begin their 5-minute fielding practice immediately following the end of the preceding game and the visiting team will follow immediately with their 5-minute fielding practice.
  13. Bats: The SBL allows the use of aluminum bats. Male players may use bats with a drop of no more than -5, while female players may use a -7 bat.
  14. Equipment and diamond reservation: Each week one team will be responsible for all of the league equipment and reserving the diamond for the following week’s games; the team is highlighted on the schedule. Teams are asked to show up at Gwacheon no later than 5:30 to reserve the diamond. The team reserving the diamond will also be responsible for setting it up. The diamond should be set up no later than 8:30 to ensure a prompt start for pre-game warm-ups and the first game.
  15. Ground-rule Doubles and Home Runs: Any ball that passes the home run line in the air shall be ruled a home run. Any ball bouncing/rolling across the line will be a ground-rule double. If the defensive player does not make a reasonable play on the ball, it is up to the umpire’s discretion to place the runners. To help the umpire with home run calls, defensive players should remain in the place where they made the play so the umpire can confirm if it is a catch or a home run. The homerun or double call is at the discretion of the umpire.
  16. Dropped 3rd Strike: Batters may not advance to first base on a dropped third strike or a third strike in the dirt.
  17. Passed balls: Runners may not advance on a passed ball or wild pitch. If a runner is already advancing to the next base at the time of the pitch, the runner will be awarded that base.
  18. Chasing Passed Balls and Foul Balls: The offensive team is responsible for chasing all foul and passed balls/wild pitches. The offensive team will place at least one player behind the backstop to help in this effort.

*NOTE* All SBL players are asked to take care of the league equipment to help slow down the ‘wear and tear’ that will happen with three games being played every weekend. Please do not throw helmets, bats or any other equipment. Also do not hit your metal spikes with the bat to dislodge dirt/mud/anything else. It is very expensive to get this equipment and we appreciate your cooperation in helping us to keep it in good condition.

*NOTE* Rules number 14 to 18 are Gwacheon specific rules. They only apply to games played at the Gwacheon field.