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  1. March Madness… In the Biblical sense
  2. Rookie practice and draft on Sat. August 15
  3. 5 teams are now filled and dates fixed
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About the Seoul Baseball League

The Seoul Baseball League was founded in 2011 and continues the Seoul tradition of playing baseball, meeting great people, having fun, and enjoying the game.

We play often play at Gwacheon Government Complex on Saturday mornings and afternoons. We play two seasons each year (Spring and Fall) and each season culminates with the play-offs and an end-of-season banquet to bring the curtain down on another successful season. We have 4 to 6 teams total sponsored by well known and loved Itaewon and Sinchon area sports pubs.

Most SBL players are expats or English teachers who love baseball and have been pleasantly surprised to find kindred spirits in their home away from home. And in the recent years the number of Korean players joining our leagues has been steadily growing. Through baseball, it is the SBL’s hope that people can share their different cultures to build a large social network that promotes lasting friendships.

If you don’t know the first thing about baseball, see a quiet field with little going on, we challenge you to a weekend or two with us…by then even if you are still lost you will have a blast!

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The mission of the Seoul Baseball League is to provide foreigners and Koreans living in the Republic of South Korea an opportunity to join together and play baseball.

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