Hi everyone. It’s with great sadness that I have to put the season on hold indefinitely. Probably the next two weeks, minimum. Due to the most recent outbreak in Itaewon, which has caused mad xenophobia and hysteria, many people are being threatened with losing their jobs and ostracized hanging out in Itaewon, or with other groups of foreigners. It’s maddening and frustrating. Businesses in Itaewon are all shut down now, and will probably be another week, as people cast blame on the foreign community and have given the city a Scarlett letter. It’s incredibly infuriating for me personally, my business, and the other sponsors. I also don’t want anyone losing their jobs because of baseball, as I don’t want too either. It’s not like anyone is leaving this summer, or the majority won’t be. I’m very sorry if this decaion affects you for the playoffs or banquet, but it has to be done.

There will be a few scenarios.

  • We add some extra weeks to the season. Probably finish the end of June.
  • We do double headers the last few weeks and try to remain on schedule.
  • we just cancel a week of games and start playoffs on time.
  • we just call it a season and hand 66 the trophy for being the best looking team again for 9th season in row, and the team probably going to win it.
  • we figure out a combination of these things the next two weeks.

I hope everyone can understand this fucked up situation. I did not want to to do this, but this now goes beyond the SBL and myself. This is fucking with peoples jobs and livliehoods, and I hope everyone gets through it. It’s the best thing to do. When this is done, please, please, please support your sponsors and SBL events, as this is going to really hurt everyone, and be the final dagger for a handful of places.

If you have a problem with this, please email Zach Ciano. I know there are a lot of medium to big sized words in here, and a half of the league doesn’t have past an 8th grade reading level, so please talk to your captains if need be, or shoot me a message and I’ll get back to you when I can. Stay safe and keep your own time ticking.