Saturday 7/4 at 9 am is the play in game. 4. Wolfhound v. 5. BOC

After that, all day and night is the 4th of July/6th anniversary party at 66. Swing by!

Next week’s schedule:

  • 8 am: Shenanigans v. 4/5 winner
  • 11 am: 2. 66 v. 3. Phillies
  • 2 pm: Championship

The banquet is on 7/18 at 3 pm at 66. There will be tons of free food and drinks. Every player that shows up gets a raffle ticket. We have nearly 50 prizes. Well do awards, have a few free shot slideshows, maybe a video. Will be an awesome day. Food: smoked galbi chicken, habanero lamb lasagna, boneless wings, bacon potato salad, coleslaw, pizza. Raffle prizes: gift certificates, SBL shirts, cash envelopes (20-40,000 won), 66 anniversary shirts, free league fees next season.