As everyone knows, Coronavirus has really put a damper on our ability to play at Yongsan this season. After talking to some folks from post, it’s 99% that we will not be able to use the field for this season, or playoffs. We have spent 500,000 on free food and drink days, and have 1.6 mil to rent a proper field for playoffs. We will work on that, but the issue is that lots of places are not letting people even book fields because of Coronavirus. As we get closer to playoffs, captains will be actively looking and working on getting us a good field with the budget we have. The problem is finding a place that is at a decent location that is easily accessible to everyone. In the slim chance that we are not able to find a field, playoffs will be at Gwacheon, and everyone will get a ₩10-15,000 stimulus refund check, aka Burda bucks. The play in game, and all star game will be at Gwacheon.

Any extra cash will go to another free food and booze day for the play in and all star game, and bigger drink tabs at the banquet. I’m going to make sure the food and drinks at this banquet at 66 are going to be the best ever.
I hope everyone can understand our unique situation in these troubling times. We’re lucky to even be playing. The soccer, ball hockey, basketball, and darts leagues haven’t played. Some are just getting short seasons going on now.
Even though this season has not been the one we envisioned, myself and the captains believe it’s been a lot of fun, and it’s so nice to have a drama free season. Guys have stepped up with the video tape/highlights game, food and drinks game, and SBL nights have been wonderful.

Please continue to support your sponsors (all the ones I’ve talked to are really happy with the turnouts). Thanks for making this a great season so far, and we’ll do our best to try and make the playoffs and banquet extra special. Please check the revised schedule. This weekend is the 3rd free food/booze day. Next weekend 5/9 is 66 SBL night. 5/16 is the 2020 Spring bar crawl.