Thanks to everyone that came out to the meeting yesterday. Things will get going this week after the Super Bowl. I’ve attached the PowerPoint Zach made (see presentation). It has the tentative dates, budget, and all that.

Here’s some things we discussed and what will happen for this season (written by Ryan Burda):

  • The SBL rules and regulations file will be updated and put on the page for everyone to see. It will also be put on the sexilicious new website made by Ludo Andringa
  • League fees will be 100,000 (early bird) 110,000 two weeks before the new players game.
  • We are going to heavily recruit, and guys that get new players who haven’t played in the SBL get 5,000 won discount off their League fees, per player.
  • If we have four teams, it will be a 9 game schedule. Five teams will be 8 games.
  • No double headers. Yongsan games will be at 1130 and 2 pm. We need to make sure to get new military guys in the league. Gate time will be 11 am, and all teams will have to be there at 11 to make the burden easier for the guys that get us on post. If guys are willing to do another round of signing people in, we will. Gwacheon games will be at 9 and 1130 am.
  • We need captains. Philip DeLarge and Robin RH are taking over Phillies. Zach and I will continue for 66. Just as the last two drafts, captains will draft themselves in the round where they should go, to make things fair as possible. We need guys to captain either Beer O’Clock, Wolfhound, or Shenanigans. We will keep these sponsors as they’ve been loyal to the SBL and are personal friends of mine. I wanted to add Magpie back as an option, but seeing as they have started their own team, doesn’t make much sense.
  • We need to have four teams with captains in the next two weeks. When we get to 5 or more, we’ll sort it out then.
  • There will be a captains nomination thread this week, where people can nominate who they think will be a good captain. Zach and I will make it as easy as possible for new captains this season.
  • There will be a social event to meet potential new players, and a recruitment fair for SBL and some of the other sports leagues at a location to be named later.
  • We will put up flyers this week, and ask all players to share the group/advertisement/website that we will make.
  • Any fundraising for charities or whatever you are passionate about, you have the full backing of the SBL and I will do whatever I can to help you. It’s unfair to expect myself (or Zach) to do an injury fund/orphanage stuff while working two jobs, the league, and other activities. I received complaints about this last season. Feel free to step up if you would like this. Last season, our fundraiser was for former SBL legend Douce.
  • There will be a weekend off for a softball tourney or flag football tourney.
Impression of the town hall meeting