The league is full at 5 teams. Anyone who registers now will go on the waiting list in case someone drops out before the draft.


Now, on to next season stuff. We are getting going right away. Next week registration will start.

Registration spreadsheet:

It seems like a lot of people will be returning in the fall. Not like anyone is going anywhere, right? We also have some old players coming back, and some new players. There is a possibility of having six teams again.

You need to add your name and info to this list if you wish to play this Fall:

League fees:

League fees will be 60,000 won. August 1 they go up to 70,000.

Here is the bank account for league fees:
Ryan Burda
Woori Bank

Here is an estimated break down for how the money is going to be used (based on 65 players):

  • 1,000,000 umpires
  • 600,000 balls
  • 400,000 awards, broken glass, misc
  • 400,000 draft
  • 300,000 equipment
  • 1,200,000 banquet

If we are able to play at Yongsan at some point in the fall, we will, and it will be up to the teams to pay the cost of the field. Probably 10,000 a player.

Skill sheet:

First time players need to fill out a skill sheet and email it to This will help captains with the draft. Download the skill sheet here.

Returning players do not have to. Just make sure to message Ryan when you have paid so we can confirm, and fill out the spreadsheet.


The most important thing is finding captains. We currently have 66 and Shenanigans captains coming back, and Lucas Johnson and Robin RH said they would return, but need a co captain. Javy Hernandez has said he is willing to step up. Lets fill the current teams first, and we’ll worry about a 6th team if it comes to it. Captains get drafted in the round they should go in, so don’t be afraid to step up. There are some duties to do, but it really isn’t that bad. Please don’t hesitate to as questions! We will go over all of this Saturday, but wanted to get people thinking about it. We had an amazing group of captains this season, and there were zero arguments or issues. I’m confident we can continue this trend from the past two seasons.

Spread the word:

Please share this post on your page, along with any groups that you are in, or anywhere you think will get players to sign up.

If you have any questions regarding this season, you can post it below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. I hope everyone is looking forward to another great season.